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General Security Tips

Over the years, being in the locksmith business, we have learned a lot about home security. We have put together a list of quick tips that will help you protect your home:

  • First thing’s first – re-key your locks as soon as you move into a new house. You never know who else might have a copy of your house key.

  • Install good deadbolt (preferably a high-security deadbolt) on every exterior door of your house.


  • Install motion-activated flood-lights around the house – thieves would usually prefer to hide in the shadows to prevent being spotted.


  • Don’t hand-out copies of your key to anyone. If you need to give keys to a cleaning service or a contractor, you might want to consider installing a high-security lock that will provide “key-control” and prevent any copies made without your permission.


  • If you’re expecting to have people over when you’re not home and don’t want to hand them a copy of your key – you should consider installing a keypad deadbolt. This will allow you to provide these guests with an individual code to enter you home. You can set many individual codes for different users and easily change them when needed. These locks will usually have a key-override in case you need it.


  • If you have a sliding glass door – the best way to secure it is to lay a dowel on the rail when the door is closed. This will prevent an intruder from being able to force the door from sliding open.

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