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Secure Your Door

Approximately 80% of home invasions happen right through the front door in private homes. This is why it’s important to have a good deadbolt on every exterior door of your home! On this page I will go over some basic information that will help you understand what your different options are when it comes to locks for your home.

When moving into a new home it is recommended that you either re-key your locks or replace them. Re-keying is essentially taking your existing locks and changing the pins inside of them so that the “old” key no-longer works, while fitting a “new” key to it. Re-keying is a great option when you have existing high-quality locks, since it saves money on parts.

In cases where you have existing low-quality locks I would recommend replacing them with better hardware. This option will cost more initially, but will provide much better security and your new locks will function much better. Don’t forget – if you are already paying a locksmith for coming out – you might as well do it once and do it right!

The main differences between high-quality locks and low-quality locks are:

  • The material quality aspect – if the lock is made of better materials it will work smoother and will last for a longer period of time.

  • The security aspect – most standard locks can be “picked” or “bumped” in seconds, while “High-Security” locks are bump and pick resistant.

  • Price – high-security locks will cost several times what a standard lock will. In this case, like many others – you get what you pay for!

“Lock bumping” has become a recent trend in burglaries. This technique provides a quick and easy way to break into homes without needing a lot of special equipment or leaving any trace of forced entry. It works almost as well as actually having a key.  Lock bumping can very quickly open about 90% of American household locks, but it is preventable.

We have made a video which demonstrates how easily an intruder can gain access to your home by using a bump key. It’s important that you know that we're not revealing a “big secret” by showing you this video – you can find dozens of other videos on the web that show the exact same technique. We have actually had customers call after watching a “bump key video” on YouTube. They were able to bump their own locks at home and realized how easy it really was. They then requested that I install High-Security Deadbolts on their doors to protect their home.

Find out how secure the locks are on YOUR home!

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