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Interchangeable Core System

Instant Rekey

Makes rekeying a breeze - just insert your "Control Key" to remove inner core and insert a new core which uses a different key! Always have a backup set for instant rekeying.

High Security Locks

Unlike standard lock cylinders which can be broken into in a matter of seconds - high security locks are pick, bump and drill resistant to better secure your business.

Key Control

Keys cannot be duplicated by just anyone - a code card needs to be presented to a authorized MUL-T-LOCK Dealer (locksmith) in order to make additional key copies. They can also be ordered online using the code card.

This means that whenever an employee is let go - all you need to do is collect their key and not worry about rekeying your locks every time there's turnover.

Save $$$

Although High Security Interchangeable Core Systems are initially pricier than a standard rekey - they will save the business time and money in the long run. You will only need to pay a locksmith once to come out and install the locks. After that - every time you need to rekey you can drop-off/mail the cores to be rekeyed without having to pay for locksmith mobile services.

In addition - instead of having to wait hours or even days for a locksmith to come out - you can instantly change out the cores on the spot!

On average - with this system - you will only have to rekey your location 25% as ofter, since employees usually hand back the key went they're let go preventing the need for a rekey. 

On average - the cost of upgrading (a one time expense) resembles the cost of rekeying one location 3 times. How often does your business need to be rekeyed?...

Master Key System

Using this system - you can have a Master Key which will allow regional managers to have one key to access all of their locations.

Use Only One Locksmith 

After the initial installation - you will no longer have to use a different locksmith for each area. All cores can be mailed into the same locksmith to be rekeyed and sent back. This will prevent you from using several vendors for the same service. 

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